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Posted by Adelheide Kennels on March 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Heidi and Cash produced a small but beautiful litter March 6, 2014.  She had 3 lovely pups. 2 sable females and 1 bi-colour male.


We are now starting our Puppy-Raiser recruitment.  

Currently, we are in need of a Puppy Raiser for a sable female pup with plans for placement in late May. Click here for more information.

And to contact us with questions or interest, go to our Contact Us page.

Puppy Sales: We also have one bi-colour male pup available for sale ready to go in Mid-May.  Contact Us for more information.

Click here to see pictures of the pups

Click here to see videos of the pups

Once again, we thank all those who have helped us in our efforts to make our program move further.

Updates and Plans for 2014

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on January 6, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

In 2012, we had a beautiful litter with 5 delightful pups from a breeding with Heidi and Pastor.  Click to see puppies from that litter. Our home page is a recent picture on one her females, Indie (Adelheide's Aisla).

In 2013, Shelley developed cancer which put aside our breeding plans for the year but has now since recovered and is cancer free!

Also, in 2013, we had an amazing opportunity to visit a local school and deliver a presentation about our Candian German Shepherd Guide Dog Program to several classes.  We were able to bring Indie along for the children to interact with.  She was a star!

At the very end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, we bred Heidi to a wonderful male, Cash - GV CAN SEL CH Billyjo's Man In Black. Click to see his pedigree.  We anticipate pups around the beginning of March.


We are now starting our puppy-raiser recruitment for this litter with plans for placement in late May.  Click here for more information. And to contact us with questions or interest, go to our Contact Us page.

Puppies may be available for purchase from this litter.  Contact Us for more information.

Once again, we thank all those who have helped us in our efforts to make our program move further.

Heidi - Final Test Breeding

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on June 30, 2012 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

October 2012 UPDATE!! Recruitment now closed for this year.

September 3, 2012

Heidi had 5 beautiful little puppies on September 1, 2012!  This long awaited litter is now here.  Mom and babies are doing well.  We are happy to announce that one of these pups will go directly into our program as a future Canadian German Shepherd Guide Dog mom or dad.

Recruitment for a puppy raiser has begun.  Please read our Puppy Raisers page and message us on our Contact Us page if you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser for this pup!

Once again, thanks to Bill and Joanne Randall for allowing us to acquire Heidi for our program and for siring with Pastor!

June 30, 2012

Sadly, Heidi did not produce any puppies from her last breeding attempt in January.  She had symptoms and even produced some milk.  X-rays after her due date showed an empty uterus however it was a little swollen indicating false pregnancy.  I was concerned with her health but thankfully, our veternarian assured us she was still very healthy.

After much consulting, it was decided if Heidi produced a typical heat that we would have one final test breeding but changing the potential sire to Am/Can Select Excellence Champion Pastor Burgos.  Pastor offers many great qualities and attributes with excellent bloodlines.  He is intelligent, friendly and a proven producer who has passed on these qualities to his previous progeny.

This combination of breeding hopes to provide an improvement to the breed in correct structure, intelligence and temperment as both dogs have much to offer.

Our most desired outcome of this breeding would provide a future sire prospect out of this litter.  This in turn would propose a excellent breeding combination with our little Liesel providing excellent suitability for our future puppies.  But a female would also suit us well :)

Heidi has been bred to Pastor on June 28 with 2 more projected breedings.  She was happy to see her former kennel friend and even gave him kisses after their tie.  Here's to praying for healthy, happy puppies!

Heidi with Liesel this past spring.

Roisinn Liesel Vom Alphenhof

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on January 25, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Roisinn Liesel Vom Alphenhof

A girl in motion! 

 Liesel is a very happy girl who is in motion.  She is eager to please and loves the water and smart as she is learning obedience and appropriate behaviour response. She is our next promising star as a future Canadian German Shepherd Guide Dog mom.

Roisinn which means little rose. Pronounced "ro-sheen" And because the rose is my favourite flower and reminds me of Angel.

Liesel which means God's promise; God is my oath" and will be her call name

Liesel is not only a new addition to our family but a future prospect in our German Shepherd Guide Dog Program here at Adelheide Kennels.

Liesel stats:

This anticipated future promising pup is from a repeat breeding of Alpenhof German Shepherds' (Michele O'Connell)  V Zasara vom Kirschental HGH (8x V rated in Germany) and dei Precision's (Philip Eramo) 2010 North American Seiger, VA1 (3X VA) X-Box dei Precision SchH 3, IPO3, KKL1a Lbz.  Both dogs are top-notch in stability and temperment that pass on their fantastic attributes to their progeny.

Thank you Michele and Philip! 

View the link below of Liesel's parents:



2012 Plans

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on January 2, 2012 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

2012 Plan


We have a big year ahead of us here at Adelheide Kennels.  Here are some of our upcoming plans.


*Puppies!  Heidi is in tip top shape and has had the green light from our veternarian and is ready for our second test litter.  She will be bred again to Tamar Kennels' (John and Christine Gibbons) Ch. Tamar's Repo Man of Kaleef.   Puppies are due the end of February 2012.  We will keep you posted!


*We will be aquiring a female pup this spring from Alpenhof German Shepherds (Michele O'Connell) to add to our family and breeding program.  This anticipated future promising pup is a repeat breeding of Alphenhof's V Zasara vom Kirschental HGH and dei Precision's (Philip Eramo) 2010 North American Seiger, VA1 (3X VA) X-Box dei Precision SchH 3, IPO3, KKL1a Lbz.  Both dogs are top-notch in stability and temperment that pass on their fantastic attributes to their progeny.  Thank you Michele and Philip!


*Fund-raisers!  As to date, all expenses have been out of pocket for our program.  It was hoped to have started just before Christmas but with 2011's loss of Angel and Heidi's first litter, we had put it on hold.  Our expenses include  all whelping associated costs, acquiring breeding stock, food, equipment, travel, training, temperment and obedience evaluations/certifications, veterinary costs such as routine checkups and vaccines, x-ray certifications, emergencies and much more.


This year, one of our upcoming efforts in fund-raising will be our Yum Yum doggie treats.  Ingredients will be fresh and wholesome such as berries, kale, carrots, squash, carob, wheat sprouts, pumpkin seeds, eggs, yogurt, fish and other meats and fats/oils.  These are just some examples of the fresh whole foods that will be in our treats.  All treats are human grade but we think your doggies will enjoy them better :) .  They will come in 3 sizes.


*If Heidi's test litter proves well and she has the veternarian's green light, we are hoping for a 2012 fall breeding with pups that will enter our programs.  Anticipated outcomes will be classed into 2 divisions.  Our puppy donation program will have pups donated to Eye Dog Foundation and Leader Dogs for the Blind.  This is the beginning of establishing a legacy of Canadian bred German Shepherd Guide Dogs.  Our other division of pups are those that will become part of our future breeding program as German Shepherd Guide Dog Moms and Dads.  These pups will be placed in carefully selected volunteer homes. Visit our Contact Us page. Details to follow.  Recruitment will begin in the spring 2012.


*We also hope to be participating in the City of Guelph's 2012 Christmas Parade.


Once again, thank you to Bill and Joanne Randall, long standing active members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada (GSDCC) for kindly and graciously donating our dear Heidi to our program!  Welcome 2012!




2011 Review

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on January 1, 2012 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

2011 was a very exciting and also sad year. 

* We were able to partner with two guide dog schools in our puppy donation program; Leader Dogs for the Blind and Eye Dog Foundation.  We will be working closely over the next few years in donating German Shepherd Dog pups to their programs.  In time, we will be setting up a program here in Canada to offer Canadians the choice to stay in Canada to obtain a Canadian German Shepherd Guide Dog.

*We attempted our first test litter with Heidi bred to Tamar's Repo Man of Kaleef.

*We lost our dear, dear German Shepherd, Angel in September.  Dear friends Kristi Hunt and Jimmy Irwin donated a spot on their farm for her burial.  Thank you kindly and always Jimmy and Kristi.

*Unfortunately, Angel died a few days before Heidi was due to whelp her pups and she lost her litter.  Both our veternarian, ourselves and other professionals speculate it may have been the stress of losing her lifetime friend, Angel.  I know that we, our family and friends took her passing with great sorrow.

Alfred Lord Tennyson: "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Kahlil Gibran: "Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."

Heidi's Litter and Kennel Updates 2011

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on August 9, 2011 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Aug 9 2011

Heidi is now half-way through her pregnancy and is feeling plump.  She is happy and relaxed.  Had a little morning sickness in the first 1 1/2 weeks presented by wretching but is eating well now.  No nesting behaviours yet but may change as soon as I get her whelping area ready.  On the look out for a kiddie pool as none seem to be in the stores as the season is ending.  Posted on kijiji and freecycle so I hope that proves fruitful.  Wish I hadn't left the other one behind in London...

Sep 2 2011

Heidi has nice large milky breasts and is happy and active.  Her belly is nice and full and she has a good appetite.  We are expecting between three to five pups maybe six.

Our new whelping room is almost ready!  We were able to purchase a kiddie pool and colourful foam interlocking mats.  Just picking up another baby gate and a few finishing touches.  Check soon for pictures.

We also were able to get the framing for an outdoor kennel run.  It will need need fencing but all in good time.

Sep 7 2011

Click here for pictures to see our new whelping room!

How We Work - A Future Vision

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on July 29, 2011 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

How We Work - A Future Vision

Even though it is commonly known, research demonstrates that dogs are social animals.  They are most happy in a family group setting and also when they know their role.  Correct early socialization is imperative for proper development.   We feel this is most effectively acheived by providing carefully selected and trained individual homes, maximizing correct community social interactions for these very important community workers.  This is accomplished through our own home and the generosity of selfish volunteer homes.

(Recruitment and Criteria for volunteer homes will start at the end of 2011, beginning 2012 for Fall 2012 dog/puppy homes)

Our base kennel is in our home - Guelph, Ontario Canada but our volunteer homes may also be located in other close, surrounding areas.  Being close to our volunteers and dogs helps us help our volunteers and our dogs be the best they can be. And that is working dogs.  We do this by providing training, support and direction by frequent contact. 

This helps our dogs become happy, strong, healthy, intelligent and have sound temperaments so they can be good neighbours in the community while acting as guides for the blind.   Having a human family life is part of that formula.

More about us

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on July 21, 2011 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Shane and Shelley Kehoe and the German Shepherd Dog

I had my first German Shepherd Dog when I was about the age of 2. My father told me it was always his favourite dog. He referred to him as the ‘Red Baron’ because he loved to sit on top of his dog house with his nose facing into a good storm. I had various dogs throughout my life and even tried my hand at breeding. I bred beautiful, well mannered, intelligent toy poodles for about 10 years when the children were small that brought happiness to our family and many others.

When our grandson came to stay with us for a time, Shane and I wanted to get a puppy as a companion for him.  I tossed around a few breeds and came back to my childhood friend, the German Shepherd.  Shane and I purchased our first German Shepherd together -  Angel from a now retired old German breeder, Armin. She is a lovely girl predominantly from old West German working lines. She reminds of Vefi, one the earliest recorded females.  Vefi von Niedersachen (fr von Burghalde)

Angel was a joy from the day we brought her home. She was potty trained lickety split and quickly became a loving household companion and friend that embodied the following,

"The breed has a distinct personality marked by direct and fearless self-confidence and a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them. It is poised but when the occasion demands eager and alert both fit and willing to serve in its capacity as companion, watchdog, blind leader, herding dog, or guardian whichever the circumstances may demand." [German Shepherd Breed Standard (AKC/CKC)].

In fact, at the age of 7 months, Angel demonstrated her natural gentle herding tendencies one warm, sunny afternoon.  Three of our grandchildren were visiting us and we had stopped for icecream to eat at the local park.  We found a nice spot under a pavillion with trees enjoying the summer breeze close to the river.  When it was time to go, I helped one in the car and put in Angel.  The 3 year old was right by my side spinning in little circles as that age often does while her brother finished up his cone.  All of the sudden, she started to run towards the river and as I and her brother ran after her, Angel came to the rescue!  Angel, who had been in the car, jumped clear over my other grand-daughter who was already buckled in the car, out the window and darted past us like a piece of lightening, ran in front of my 3 year old and stopped abruptly in front of her, where she ran into Angel and fell on her bottom laughing and giggling.  Angel stood in front of her as we caught up.  This all happened in mere moments and is something, I'll never forget.

And from the time we brought Angel home, myself, born with a curious nature, I began to study GSD.  Coupled with my novice scientific background in genetics, psychology and animal behaviour, I began to research anything and everything on this marvellous breed.

When Angel was about 8 months old, Shane starting having problems with his vision. It took over a year to get a diagnosis.  It was Cone Rod Distrophy - a rare genetic disorder that does exactly what it is called. It leaves permanent damage by degrading the cones and rods of the eye which leaves the individual with an uncertain outcome including the possibility of complete loss of sight.

As Shane starting losing his eyesight, we became very involved with the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) and others suffering from loss of sight. This revealed a surprising gap and barrier. Individuals that had guide dogs from Canada that we spoke with indicated that they had a strong desire to once again have a German Shepherd Guide Dog. Unfortunately, to obtain one requires travel outside of Canada where many Guide Dog Schools still use the German Shepherd extensively and in some schools almost exclusively such as world renowned schools, Eye Dog Foundation and Fidelco.  Some Guide Dog Schools such as Leader Dogs also use the German Shepherd Dog.

Another important aspects about the breed is that Shepherds are capable of adaptive training - meaning, they must be capable to modify a learned behaviour. And Shepherds are as adaptable as they come wherein some other breeds struggle with this quality.  Adaptability is important and essential in this area of work for a dog.

So armed with all this information, I decided to make it my goal reintroduce the German Shepherd Dog into Canada as an appropriate dog for guiding the blind. And of course, I ensued a more determined study of the German Shepherd, it’s broad range of bloodlines and of course, Guide Dog Schools.

After an exhaustive and intense search, Adelheide (Heidi) is positioned to be our foundation female.  There are a possible number of different sires I have in mind which would compliment our program for next year's breeding.

How would I describe Heidi?  She is a playful, healthy, medium energy dog with a sound temperament that exhibits gentleness, alertness, endurance, obedience and a fine intellect.  In esscence, sweet and noble.


Our longterm goals are to have Canadians with blindness or low vision have the choice to remain in Canada and not travel out of country to obtain a German Shepherd Guide Dog.


Our American Guide Dog School partners support our vision by allowing our Canadian bred German Shepherd Dogs enter into their programs to establish a legacy of workability in the area of acting as guides for the blind.  In turn, we can establish offering Canadian German Shepherd Guide Dogs in Canada in the future.

Shelley Kehoe

Heidi's Test Litter 2011

Posted by Adelheide Kennels on July 19, 2011 at 2:42 PM Comments comments (0)

First and foremost, thanks to Bill and Joanne Randall in allowing us to aquire this outstanding, lovely girl - Heidi for our program.  This will be Heidi's first litter.  The intended sire is Ch. Tamar's Repo Man of Kaleef.  These pups will not be part of our program but go to German Shepherd Club of Canada long standing members, Bill and Joanne Randall and John and Christine Gibbons (Tamar Kennels).  Their goal with this litter is to continue to improve the breed.  Some expected outcomes will be improved confirmation and intelligence.

For Adelheide Kennels, this is a test litter.  Outcomes will help us determine Heidi's suitability to enter into our program as a mother and producer.  Adelheide Kennels has the wonderful opportunity of whelping and caring for this litter during the first few months giving them optimum care, including correct nutrition, socialization, stimulation and instruction at appropriate stages of growth.  Each process will be carefully recorded and monitored, including each individual puppy's progress and personal attributes.

If all proves well, next year's litter and all subsequent litters will be part of our program.


Posted by Adelheide Kennels on July 19, 2011 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Get to know the founders - Shelley and Shane Kehoe

Shelley is the heart of our kennels.  She loves our dogs and sees the vision of allowing these beautiful companions to live and work as their hearts' desire.  And that is mankind's best friend.  She has bred and cared for animals since childhood.  She has studied both the physical and behavourial sciences.  Her love of the GSD and her husband Shane, is what initiated her desire for our program.

Shane is the soul of the program.  Shane started losing his vision a number of years ago to a rare genetic disorder and became legally blind shortly thereafter.  Shane did not let this set him back.  Persevering, Shane went back to school and completed his studies in Business Human Resources and is currently working in his field.

Back in the early years, we became very involved with CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind).  During this time, we met many others with blindness or low vision who became very aquainted with our lovely German Shepherd, Angel.  (Angel is old west German herding lines).  Manys individuals expressed how wonderful and obedient she was and how they desired to have a German Shepherd as their guide dog again as they had in their earlier years.  When asked why they didn't request one now, they all sadly explained that it was near impossible in Canada and would have to go out of country.  For many with blindness or low vision, they find it difficult to travel abroad for a variety of reasons.

That prompted an intense research into Guide Dog Schools in Canada and abroad.  We also reseached the German Shepherd Dog breed from every angle.  Our findings have led us to conclude that the German Shepherd Dog, when using and combining correct bloodlines, with proper socialization and appropriate training is an excellent breed choice for a Guide Dog.  Our research shows that both genetics and enviroment will determine success in these areas.

German Shepherds are working dogs!

Using our foundation girl, Heidi, (BillyJo’s Adelheide of Brownhill Kysarah), we hope will be the beginnings of our aspirations.


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